Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Truth Matters Conference: Sept 1-4, 2011

Another announcement and update for those who may be interested...

Grace Community Church and Grace to You are collaborating on a new conference on September 1st - 4th: Truth Matters Bible Conference.

Ever desired a Shepherd's Conference for the rest of us? Well, this appears to be such an opportunity! It will feature sessions with John MacArthur, as well as Phil Johnson and Don Green.

Personal Note: Phil and Don were the Elders of the fellowship group, GraceLife, in which I was a member and served as a Bible study leader. They are both skilled workmen, who have made lasting imprints on my own life and ministry. Assuredly, if it were not for the long shadow of John MacArthur, they would be more widely-known and appreciated. So, I am grateful to see their participation in this conference. (Resources from their weekly ministry are available at The GraceLife Pulpit).

More details regarding cost, schedule, and registration for Truth Matters are here. It would not be wise to invest in every conference opportunity available, but it seems it may be equally unwise to not at least consider this one!

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