Friday, November 26, 2010

Gospel Light on "Black Friday"

We agree with Prof. Thomas, that "Black Friday" is incomprehensible to us and our usual commentary would sound something like Ephesians 5:5.

Yet, while we hesitate to encourage the voracious consumerism (= idolatry) today, there are a number of exceedingly helpful Christian works presently on-sale and we would be remiss not to point them out.

Several on-line Christian booksellers are having special deals this weekend, including:
Tolle lege!


  1. ah Dr. Thomas:

    as I have often said about Christmas, "I love it, so long as you don't bring religion into it."

    If the Lowerys end up in Jackson you'll know where to find us :-)

  2. I loved that as well. Maybe we'll do a series on Christmas as we get into December... why it has little to do with the Lord Jesus, but I like the tree and lights.

    Yes, I really appreciate Drs. Duncan and Thomas and we would probably end-up there as well. Or, maybe I could take up Ligon's offer to plant a Baptist church, so that the Baptists quit taking refuge in their church! I wonder if a Presbyterian church has ever planted a Baptist church?