Friday, November 5, 2010

Calvinist Crossing

We have not gotten to this in awhile, but here are some things worthy of a quick link and look:
  • Long Live the Serial Comma! Amen and amen! I wanted to stand-up and cheer when I read this. Leaving-off the final comma prior to the coordinating conjunction is for Sabellians, Socians, Arminians, and others who seem incapable of making proper distinctions in God's economy.
  • Protestant Amnesia. Another provocative and helpful piece from Prof. Trueman for those of us who are still protesting and increasingly affirming his main point:
My point here is simply that I repudiate the kind of Protestantism that claims it has no connection to past tradition. Pace such claims, only heretics reinvent the faith every Sunday....

That is what mere Christianity evangelicalism is: a movement of ecclesiastical, historical, and theological amnesia. It lacks any real appreciation of the the church and of doctrine, so crucial in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as is often evident from worship services which make no attempt to stand in continuity with the past, or from theology that is formulated with barely a nod in the direction of the creedal and confessional paths which the church has trodden for these many years.
  • Bethlehem Church of the Nativity to be Restored. It was just over three years ago we walked through this reminder of our Savior's humility at birth. I do hope that it can be restored and preserved as a testimony to future generations until the Babe from Bethlehem returns to reign as God's King.
  • Equipped for College. Articles in this month's Tabletalk are devoted to the issue of equipping students for the challenge of matriculating through college to the glory of God.

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