Monday, October 18, 2010

Rummaging in Presbyterian Trash Cans

Great conversation between Al Mohler, Kevin DeYoung, and Ligon Duncan on the nature and scope of the "New Calvinists." Mohler's response as to its rise, is both simple and true, "Where else are you going to go?"

DeYoung, Duncan, Mohler: What's New About the New Calvinism from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

(NB, we have been investing a bit of thinking and reading recently on what it means to be Reformed or "Calvinistic," but non-confessional and may attempt to address it here in the near future).

More from Mueller tomorrow, DV.


  1. oooo - looking forward to reading your thoughts on the non-confessional-yet-Reformed issue. A topic of much discussion under this roof over the years...

  2. Now don't get share your expectations and make me nervous! :) Yes, it is something over which I've wrestled much for quite awhile and feel like I'm finally read to begin forming some conclusions and coherent thoughts... largely around what I believe to be the purpose of creeds in church history and what seems to be a departure from that purpose in most confessional / creedal churches in recent church history. Or, better yet, "Why I Should be a Reformed Baptist, but They Won't Let Me"... ;) Anyway, more to come, DV!