Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Calvinist Crossing

Here are some places we've been and would recommend you see for yourself...
  • Why It's OK that Some are Happier than Others in Heaven
    Let Pastor Edwards explain via Miscellany #5 the idea of greater rewards in heaven.

  • Repentance and Reformation
    A good reminder of semper reformanda: "If we would find reformation again, we must repent of our failure to live lives of repentance. We will change the world out there when we change the church in here. We will change the church in here when our own hearts are changed. That happens only as we repent and believe the gospel."

  • Pray for Kyrgystan
    Pray for the believers and missionaries in Kyrgystan, on the brink of civil war, that His Gospel would advance in a tumultuous world.

  • Some Thoughts on Persecution
    Classic Spurgeon: "Be watchful, therefore, walk circumspectly, do not put yourself into their hands; let them have nothing to say against you save only upon the point of your religion. Nothing bothers opponents like integrity, truthfulness, and holiness: they long to speak against you, but cannot find a fair opportunity. Take care that you daily pray for grace to keep your temper, for if you fail there they will boast of having conquered you, and will assail you again in the same way."
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