Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jerusalem on the Big Screen

Jerusalem is a new IMAX film, slated to release in 2013. You can view the short trailer online or below. It takes some sweeping vistas from Caesarea, to the Dead Sea and Masada, down the Jordan to Galilee, with the Capernaum synagogue on its northeastern shore, and over the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem itself. Some great shots - and memories, from our own visit in 2007.

And, despite the implicit comment at the introduction to the above-trailer, Jerusalem still is the center of the world.

Jerusalem | Filmed in Imax 3D from JerusalemGiantScreen on Vimeo.

Note: If you are able, save and plan to visit Israel. It is indispensable to seeing much of the biblical narrative in "full color." Or, as Todd Bolen has remarked, "Go on a Study Tour of Israel. I wouldn’t say that one cannot teach the Bible without such a study, but neither would I say that a one-legged man cannot snow ski."

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