Wednesday, February 2, 2011

John Piper on Rober Murray M'Cheyne

"Fruitfulness in this life is not quantifiable in years." That gem, with which John Piper summarized the life of Robert Murray M'Cheyne, is worth an hour of meditation and is the motivation for praying for increasing fidelity and discipline with the time we have been given.

Piper strove for the bottom of M'Chenye's life and ministry with "Living and Dying in the Morning of Life: Robert Murray M'Cheyne." (You can read, listen, and eventually watch the session at that link).

He identified the center of M'Cheyne's power and impact as an acute awareness of the preciousness of Christ and the painful shortness of life and even how that was conveyed in his own personal preparation and discipline:
You need not have less fruitfulness if you take the time to get that training, and like McCheyne, you may have more. Fruitfulness in this life is not quantifiable in years. He only had seven years left when he was done with school. But with everything he had learned form Chalmers and with immersion in the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament and with a radical commitment to holiness and evangelism, and with a band of friends, those seven years were worth seven decades.
Piper did an excellent job explaining M'Cheyne's passion for personal holiness and proclaiming Christ, highlighting many of my favorite excerpts from M'Cheyne's writings along the way (they go by quickly in audio / video, so it is worth reading Piper's manuscript).

Of course, how much can you say in an hour? So much was left untouched. We'll try to point-out a couple lessons and passions of M'Cheyne that didn't make it into Piper's talk yesterday.

NB, see the previous post for suggested biographies and free resources on M'Cheyne.

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