Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Plain Word

...have you not read what was spoken to you by God? (Matt 22:31)

Okay, I'm back. Doubt any of our five readers are still paying attention. However, since I'm so painfully long-winded when I teach my church, that I end up rushing important points and skipping pages of notes that die in obscurity in my filing cabinet, I figured that disseminating teaching into the blogosphere might be helpful (or at least garner some measure of personal fulfillment). So, I'm back.

Why not begin by filling-out a survey on the Bible's clarity, addressing the phenomena of the divergent interpretations of the Bible and the difficulties that are faced when one reads the Bible? So, in subsequent posts, we'll attempt to answer two questions: (1) How does the Bible address its own clarity? (2) Why do Bible readers face difficulties and arrive at divergent conclusions on the meaning of any given text(s)?

We'll begin in earnest tomorrow, Lord willing, followed by a short break, as the prostrate Calvinist becomes the vacationing Calvinist (1 Cor 10:31!). So, to whet the appetite on this matter consider perusing:


  1. Hello Pastor Steve,

    Disseminating your Equipping Hour notes into the blogosphere is an answer to prayer. Your filing cabinet cannot possibly receive as much benefit. While attending the 2007 PCRT, the perspicuity of Scripture was one of the topics addressed by Rev. Ken Jones in his message, The Accessible Word. While the illuminating work of the Spirit is superior to all, it is encouraging to be reminded that understanding the Scripture is available to all of our Father’s children. Have a great vacation.


  2. I am waiting for the pearls from your lips Chancho!