Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Calvinist Crossing

  • Piper on the new birth... his most important book?
    Warnock gives a preview of Piper's forthcoming work, examining the nature of true salvation.
    HT: DG

  • The Writings of John Calvin
    JT on essential reading for sincere Calvinists.

  • Carson in One Spot
    Fellow TMS alum has served us by putting D.A. in one on-line location.

    1. Hey bro, I know you're busy, but come on! Let's have some activity. Are you going to keep this blog going?

      BTW. Thanks for the Voddie fix.

    2. The TPC will continue, if the blogger can survive moving this week. Lord willing, maybe even a post today. Thanks for the encouragement... I'm sure the other four readers feel the same.

      Grace and Peace.