Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Calvinist Crossing

  • Sovereign Grace in Proverbs
    Careful exegesis and reflection indicate that Solomon was a Calvinist too!

  • What is 9Marks?
    The guys in D.C. have a new video that we thought was worth noting. "Churches that reflect the character of God." Simple. Profound. True.

  • Standing Firm
    "When the truth of the Gospel is faithfully proclaimed, somebody is going to get beaten up or thrown in prison... The church must again realize that our strength for standing firm and for daily faith and obedience depends just as much on 'the grace that is in Christ Jesus' as our initial salvation did."

  • Is Google Making Us Stupid?
    Reminder from JT that your reading of The Prostrate Calvinist should not replace reading the man himself.
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