Friday, June 20, 2008

Calvinist Crossing

Our apologies for the infrequent posting as of late, we've been sharpening our Resolve, but more about that in later. For now, read these other guys:

Limited Atonement (HT: Strange Baptist Fire)
More on limited atonement from a young Puritan.

Grow Up. Be a Man
An excellent exhortation from Phil for our emerging friends... who do tend to be weenies.

Preaching the Solas
Addressing Roman Catholic World Youth Day with the truth!

What's Happened with Starbucks?
While not theological, nevertheless vital to good theology... coffee. Our friend and fellow Calvinist, Fred Butler, raises valid concerns of Starbuck's new strategy and why "Coffee is probably one of the few things hippy doofuses do competently."

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