Monday, May 19, 2008

Calvinist Crossing

Don't worry, we're still here! Just been a little busy lately... "maybe I need some new duties."

Don't Waste Your Pulpit
Piper on story-telling and ear-tickling. (Be sure to watch the whole thing, the last line is the most perceptive and penetrating).
HT: Provocations & Pantings.
Querying Calvinism
Speaking of Piper, here's the best exegetical and winsome defense of five points you'll come across or watch or listen...

Jesus - The Powerful and Perfect Savior
Speaking of defending the doctrines of grace, James White does an excellent job summarizing the Gospel (Note especially his rebuke of allowing presupposed methodology to drive one's theology).

Introducing the Sola Panel
A promising new blog from the guys who make you choose between two ways to live.

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